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10 Sources of Hidden Calories

If losing weight is on your mind, you've got to be conscious of how many calories you consume each day. Although the foods listed below are small amounts, if you add all those up, and they could be preventing you from reaching your goal weight.

  1. One pat of butter on your toast: 36 calories.
  2. One tablespoon ketchup with your fries: 15 calories.
  3. One container of half and half in your coffee: 20 calories.
  4. One teaspoon or one cube of sugar in your coffee: 9 calories.
  5. One tablespoon mayonnaise on your sandwich: 100 calories.
  6. One teaspoon each of oil and vinegar on your sandwich: 39 calories.
  7. One cubic inch of feta cheese on your salad: 45 calories.
  8. One tablespoon of grated Parmesan on your pasta: 22 calories.
  9. One tablespoon of sour cream on your baked potato: 26 calories.
  10. Handful of M&Ms (10 pieces) off your co-worker's desk: 34 calories.

You don't need to omit these foods from your diet, but just be aware that even small servings contain calories.


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