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10 Tips to Keep Moving When it's Hot Outside

10 Tips to Keep Moving When it's Hot Outside

Summer can be the rise or the fall of your exercise routine. To keep you going strong this summer, eDiets has 10 great tips on how to stay fit for summer without giving up anything you love.

  1. Drink as much water as possible: Don't get caught up on soda, juice or flavored coffee trap. During warm weather your body needs extra hydration, be sure it's calorie-free. Water is a natural appetite suppressant, and most times your “hunger” is your body asking for water -- not food.
  2. Eat light: This one's a no brainer. Hot temps can significantly reduce your appetite. Be sure to eat light but well-rounded meals throughout the day, and don't make a habit of chowing down on heavy, high-fat foods (burgers and fries).
  3. Play for exercise: Make some of your summer fun active fun. You might consider joining a volleyball league or going hiking. And of course swimming is great exercise. You could also get into your kids' activities, such as helping out with coaching their soccer team.
  4. Walk, don't ride: As long as the mercury hasn't climbed to dangerous levels (above 90 degrees), make a habit of leaving the car at home whenever possible. The extra caloric output will be much more than you can generate strictly through exercise.
  5. Fire the lawn guy: Don't underestimate the amount of physical exertion it takes to landscape. Mowing the lawn, raking leaves, and planting flowers are great exercise if approached with the right mindset. Keep your pace brisk while moving around and you'll be sure to work up a good sweat.
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  7. Work out early in the morning: Take advantage of the cool morning air if you like to walk or run outdoors. Get out there before the heat of the day has had a chance to fry you and the surface you'll be running on.
  8. Play it cool in the gym: If you have control of the thermostat in your gym (or home), keep the workout area as cool as possible. Contrary to popular belief, hot temps do not enhance a workout, but rather hinder performance and your results.
  9. Day at the beach: Get up and move around when at the beach or picnicking. A long walk in the sand will provide plenty of stimulation to your leg muscles and intensify caloric burn.
  10. Become a maller: Across the country, early morning mall-walking groups are becoming increasingly popular in both the hot and cold weather. Today's expansive shopping centers provide ample walking surface without the sensation of moving in a tight circle.
  11. Adapt a "2-Move Summer Slim Down": Develop a short but effective mini-program that can be done in 20 minutes or less. A program such as this will be enough to hold you over for a week or two or even the entire summer if approached intelligently. Beginners should find the program very challenging, and I recommend it as a practical way to introduce exercise into your life.


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