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Healthy Eating Tips
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10 Ways to Reward Yourself For Reaching Fitness Goals

I feel it is important to set fitness goals, but it's equally important to reward yourself once you reach them. After completing my first triathlon, I bought a new purse. If you need ideas for rewarding yourself, take a lesson from FitSugar readers and how they recognize their achievements.


  • "Going to the gym and working out is its own reward because it makes me feel so much better." — kclulu
  • "As I am losing the weight, I made a rewards list for each milestone. At 10 pounds, I bought myself hip scarves for belly dancing. At 20 pounds, I watched all five of the Best Picture nominees in February. At 30 pounds, I got an iPod Touch. And at 40 pounds, which is where I am now, I got a hula hoop and signed up for dance lessons. When I reach 50, I get to go on vacation." — tamaradulva
  • "When I reach a milestone, I reward myself by buying new gym clothes." —sandy82

To see the other ways FitSugar readers reward their fit and healthy efforts,


  • "My fitness goal IS my reward! My boyfriend wants to go on a challenging week-long mountain trek later this year. It's been his dream since he was little, and I'm so touched that he wants me to go with him. I'm working out every day and strength training to get ready for it. Being able to do it with him, and actually enjoy it, is going to be the biggest gift to him and myself!" — Anonymous
  • "When I reached 50 pounds I went skydiving. It was awesome!" — elenaperez64
  • "New lingerie. It highlights everything I've done much much more than my usual clothing. It makes me feel very confident too. And my fiance is definitely not complaining." — LilyLyra
  • "I like to reward myself with something fitness related like a new HRM watch, personal training sessions, or Pilates sessions. This way, it gives me something active to look forward to and makes exercise the ultimate reward. Plus things like training or Pilates sessions help to break the boredom and give me an extra workout boost.
    New clothes are always fun too." — Anonymous
  • "I don't usually reward myself for exercising goals actually. Thinking I look hotter naked is enough of a reward." — tlsgirl
  • "I agree that feeling and looking better is more than enough reward! But sometimes I promise myself new exercise clothes or equipment, because new things always get me excited about working out!" — sourcherry
  • "When I reach my weight goal . . . which will hopefully be in the next week or two . . . I'm eating a cheeseburger from my favorite spot!" — Anonymous
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Join The Conversation
tamaradulva tamaradulva 8 years
Thanks for the mention, too! Still working for the vacation.
cjstraus cjstraus 8 years
Thanks for mentioning my comment too! I get myself pilates and training sessions to reward myself for meeting my goals... I didn't realize I wasn't signed in :(
sandy82 sandy82 8 years
Thanks for mentioning my comment :)
Jabbadoo Jabbadoo 8 years
My 80 lb reward was botox. lol. When I get to my final goal (-150 lbs) I'm buying a convertible.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
All of these are such great ideas. I know that when I was losing weight, having little rewards was definitely something that kept me on track. Losing weight 10 lbs at a time somehow feels a lot easier than losing 90 lbs in one big chunk.
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