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10 Ways to Work Off a Hot Chocolate

10 Winter Ways to Work Off a Hot Chocolate

'Tis the season for warming up with a steamy beverage. Hot chocolate is one of my favorites because it's so rich, creamy, and sweet. An eight-ounce hot chocolate made with whole milk and topped with whipped cream contains 230 calories. If you're worried about what that cup of chocolaty goodness will do to your waistline, here are some wintry ways to work it off.

*All calculations are based on a 130-pound woman.

  1. Hit the slopes and downhill ski for 43 minutes.
  2. If you're into riding instead, 43 minutes of snowboarding will burn 232 calories.
  3. Spend 32 minutes snowshoeing.
  4. Lace up your skates and ice skate for 37 minutes.
  5. If you prefer ice hockey instead, play for 32 minutes.

Keep reading to learn other ways to work off that hot chocolate.

  1. If you hop on a bike and take a spinning class, you'll have burned 234 calories after 34 minutes. After an hour-long class, you'll have burned 495.
  2. Hitting a vigorous yoga class more your style? After 52 minutes, you'll have burned 233 calories; stay for the full 90-minute class and you'll burn over 400 calories.
  3. Run at a moderate pace for 26 minutes either outside or on the treadmill.
  4. Go for an hour-and-10-minute brisk walk.
  5. Hop in the pool and swim laps for 24 minutes.

Looking to lighten up this treat? If you hold the whipped cream and have your hot chocolate made with nonfat milk, you'll save 100 calories.

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