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fityogi7 fityogi7 4 years
have people never heard of antibacterial resistance? Rubbing antibacterials all over your hands multiple times throughout the day is in no way healthy. Try washing with water and soap that doesn't contain antibacterials.
taylor55 taylor55 5 years
Never heard of antiviral tissues. Interesting. I do every other thing on this list except the mask thing. I would probably wear a mask in public if I were in a really crowded area for a long period of time, knowing it was flu season. I don't think using your sleeve to open a door or wiping down gym equipment (hello? common courtesy) or any of these things, really, are crazy. I just wish more people would do simple things to help themselves and others, like you know... cover your face (with your elbow or a tissue, not your hand) when you cough & sneeze. It annoys me so much when people cough right at me in stores. Gross! Luckily, I'm vigilant enough that I don't get sick often.
amber512 amber512 5 years
@SaraNoH So glad I don't have to pump my own gas!
SaraNoH SaraNoH 5 years
anyone ever think about gas pumps??? those things are naaaaasty. I doubt anyone ever wipes em down....
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