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Stores are full of 100 calorie snack bags (even Bob from "The Biggest Loser" thinks they are great) that are often full of small amounts of processed foods. If you are looking for a low-calorie snack, I say it pays to find foods that fulfill some nutritional needs.

Hard-boiled egg
This excellent source of protein is prepackaged naturally. Simple to prepare and, when eaten simply (no devil-ing), only costs you 78 calories! I like to make three or four at the beginning of the week to have on hand for my morning snack on the days that I don’t have eggs for breakfast.

String cheese
One stick is about 80 calories, and these sticks are child friendly too. It is always nice to snack on the same foods as your kids. After all, string cheese is entertaining (oh so fun to peel each string), and they are easy to tote around. Though they are full of calcium, watch the fat content of your cheese stick and look for low fat or reduced fat if you can find it.

Hummus and Pita
You need to keep your portion small to stay under 100 calories. You only need two tablespoons of hummus spread on 1/4 slice of pita pocket bread. Make this snack even more nutritious by using whole wheat pita bread. I also enjoy dipping carrots and red pepper slices into hummus. This method helps me increase my daily veggie intake.

iVillage has some more ideas for you to try. Chances are high you'll find something to satisfy your snack craving.


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