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This Is the Workout Laura Did Every Day to Lose 115 Pounds (Hint: It's Not Cardio)

In 2014, Laura weighed in at her heaviest — more than 300 pounds. She knew she needed to make a change, so she mustered up her strength and embarked on a wildly successful weight-loss journey. She dropped down to 180 pounds in May 2017, and today, after a lot of weightlifting and intentional "bulking," she weighs 195 pounds — and she feels better than ever.

She opened up in one of her recent Instagram posts about what it's been like to go through these incredible changes. "Do yourself a favor. Never forget where you started. Never forget how badly you wanted that change. Never forget how hard you fought just to start," Laura wrote. "I know . . . it's hard. It's worth it."

Laura has more than 243,000 followers on Instagram, and this photo has already raked in over 26,000 "likes." She wants everyone to know that this kind of transformation is possible for anyone to achieve as long as they're dedicated and really believe in themselves.


POPSUGAR caught up with Laura and got the inside scoop on exactly what she did to get to where she is now. It all started with the barbell. "I fell in love with weightlifting and that changed the game for me," she said. "I started weight training almost daily, spending hours in the gym and studying research and scientific findings relating to health, fitness, and nutrition."

"That passion for weightlifting carried over to all areas of my health and, wanting to take care of myself, I also overhauled my nutrition. I switched out unhealthy habits and poor food choices for a more nutritionally beneficial foods," Laura told POPSUGAR. While some people's weight-loss success starts with diet, Laura's began with an interest in working out, and her health only proceeded from there.

She now eats a balanced diet, complete with lots of green vegetables, fish, chicken, and "plant-based carbohydrates." Laura said when she "was focusing on substantial fat loss," she would eat five or six meals every day "with lots of greens and veggies (to keep myself satisfied and full) as well as clean, simply prepared proteins like eggs, chicken, fish, and lean steak."

Now that Laura is working hard at the gym to put on more muscle, her daily food menu looks a little different. "My current diet with powerlifting and bodybuilding allows more flexibility and has given me room to reintroduce more 'cheat foods,'" she told POPSUGAR.

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