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126-Pound Weight-Loss Transformation

Down 126 Pounds, and This Phone Trick Keeps Her Motivated for 4 A.M. Workouts

Back in January 2016, Franny weighed 331 pounds, but fast forward a year and a half, now at 205 pounds, the one thing that has kept her motivated on her weight-loss journey is — get ready for it — HERSELF. She doesn't have any magical advice to share, or one specific thing that worked. She believes (and we agree) that you have to make yourself, your life, the number-one priority which means, "No one is going to hold your hand through this, no one is going to make sure you're up every morning for the gym or monitor your food . . . that's 100% your responsibility."

Franny admits that some days are really hard, and she wants to throw the towel in, but she says, "I just keep moving forward. That's the only direction I'm allowing myself to move." And as for those superearly morning workouts, Franny has a trick — try this because it might work for you, too. "There are days I don't want to get up at 4 a.m. to work out I put my screen saver as a really old picture of myself so the first thing I see in the morning is someone I NEVER want to be again, guess how fast I get out of bed?" Isn't that a great idea? That's pure motivation right in your face and makes it near impossible to hit snooze!

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