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15-Minute Workout Poster

From the Community: The Fab 15 Total-Body Circuit Workout

Reader FitFabCities has a simple 15-minute workout for you — no equipment needed! She shared it with us in our FitSugar Community.

Want to know how Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Sofia Vergara, Penélope Cruz, Minka Kelly, and Brooke Burke get their killer curves? Well, their superfit shapes come courtesy of Gunnar Peterson. Gunnar is one of my favorite celebrity trainers, and he’s the go-to guy for actresses, models, musicians, and even professional athletes who count on being in amazing shape for their jobs.

Learn more about this workout after the break!

One of my favorite things about Gunnar’s workouts is that he combines cardio, upper body, lower body, and core exercises in each session. This principle not only inspires many of my own personal workouts, but it also inspired this printable: the Fab 15 Total-Body Workout. Combining all these exercises in one workout keeps your heart rate up and works multiple muscle groups at once, turning your body into a fat- and calorie-burning, muscle-toning machine. It also keeps you from getting bored and ensures your workout is over and done in no time. After all, we have much better things to do than spend all day at the gym — things like scouring Pinterest for new recipes, home inspiration, or adorable puppy pictures — right? (FYI, if you’re not on Pinterest yet, then go . . . go now . . . but be warned, it might take over your life!


Happy Workout!

Get the printable workout with some descriptions here: Fit Fab Cities

Workout Tips

  • You’ll do 15 moves and do each move for one minute. The workout is about 15 minutes long depending on breaks.
  • To modify, do each move for 30 seconds.
  • You can do this workout at home. You only need a pair of dumbbells and a chair or bench for dips.
  • Take as many breaks as you need, whenever you need them.
  • To make it more advanced, you can repeat the workout for a total of one, two, or three total times through.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Put together your favorite playlist or do this workout while watching your favorite TV show.

Share your own workouts, find a new one, or just get inspired in our FitSugar Community!

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