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A survey taken by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has revealed the trends in commercial, corporate, clinical, and community fitness program environments. So if you're one of those who wants to be ahead of the trends (fitness and otherwise) here they are:

  1. Children and Obesity. Program development to reduce obesity among children was the number-one trend identified in the survey.
  2. Special Fitness Programs for Older Adults. Fitness clubs and retirement communities stand to benefit from health and fitness programs that cater to the older adult.
  3. Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals. Fully accredited education and certification programs for health/fitness professionals are on the rise.
  4. Functional Fitness. Functional fitness training, using strength training to improve performance for activities of daily living, will become more prominent in 2007.
  5. Core Training. Core exercises are on the rise, which strengthen, condition, and stabilize the abdominal and back muscles, often use props such as stability balls, BOSU balance balls, wobble boards, and foam rollers to provide support for the spine.
  6. For the rest,

  7. Strength Training. The health benefits of incorporating strength training into a fitness regimen will receive continued emphasis.
  8. Personal Training. Personal trainers will continue to gain recognition and credibility among other health care professionals for higher professional standards and accreditation.
  9. Mind/Body Exercise. Variations of yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and other mind/body exercises will be introduced and remain popular next year.
  10. Exercise and Weight Loss. Most diet programs already incorporate some exercise/physical activity recommendations, but professionals expect more visibility to be placed on energy balance in the weight-loss equation.
  11. Outcome Measurements. Defining and tracking outcomes of a fitness program will have a higher profile in the future -- advances in technology will help determine success in disease management or changes in negative lifestyle behaviors.

For the other 10, visit the full article.

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