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2012 NYC Marathon Canceled

The New York City Marathon Has Been Canceled

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, to many people's surprise, the NYC Marathon was still scheduled to run this weekend. But after growing pressure in NYC and around the country, city officials and organizers just announced that the NYC Marathon will not be held this Sunday. The marathon has been held every year since 1970, and this is the first time in the marathon's history that it's been postponed or canceled entirely. Although the details are still up in the air, our hearts go out to all affected by the storm.

See the statement from the New York Road Runners and Mayor Michael Bloomberg after the break.

"The Marathon has been an integral part of New York City’s life for 40 years and is an event tens of thousands of New Yorkers participate in and millions more watch. While holding the race would not require diverting resources from the recovery effort, it is clear that it has become the source of controversy and division. The marathon has always brought our city together and inspired us with stories of courage and determination. We would not want a cloud to hang over the race or its participants, and so we have decided to cancel it. We cannot allow a controversy over an athletic event — even one as meaningful as this — to distract attention away from all the critically important work that is being done to recover from the storm and get our city back on track. The New York Road Runners will have additional information in the days ahead for participants."

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awayaway awayaway 4 years
My facebook exploded this week with New Yorkers angry that it was still being held... Even my friends who were running it thought it was inappropriate that it was still being held...
Joseph3434615 Joseph3434615 4 years
Appropriate: In most circumstances going forward would be a welcomed diversion. In this case. every able bodied person, should be focused on taking care of those in need. Thank you for your reconsideration.
anecdote anecdote 4 years
It's been canceled not postponed.
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