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30-Pound Weight Loss

The 3 Daily Snacks That Helped Renia Go From Being "Stuck in a Rut" to Losing 30 Pounds

In June 2016, Renia Stala wasn't in a good place. "I was sick and tired of feeling stuck in a rut, and I wanted to be active again," she told POPSUGAR. Even though she knew she wanted to make a change, she admitted, "I didn't know where to start." Fate came knocking, though. Renia saw an ad for Fit Girl's Guide on Instagram, and "it was almost as if they had read my mind!" Rather than wasting more time, she decided to start her weight-loss journey then and there.

"Find what works for you and stick with it!"

Renia started at 300 pounds, and after putting in hard work for several months, she lost a total of 30 pounds. To change her diet, she followed Fit Girl's Guide 28-Day Jumpstart meal plan. This gave her the tools to cook her own food and develop a more hands-on relationship with what she was eating.

"A green smoothie" is Renia's go-to breakfast. She usually keeps her lunch pretty light, complete with protein and complex carbs. Her daily snack consists of "fruits, veggies, and dark chocolate." For dinner, she generally eats chicken or turkey with veggies on the side.

In addition to the meal plan, Renia did the exercise plan from the program. "I also went for mile-long walks most evenings, did a few dance-focused video games, and other workouts, I found online to mix things up," she said. Even when she didn't really feel like eating healthy or working out, the friends she made through Fit Girl's Guide helped her along the way. "The community is filled with so many inspiring ladies!" she gushed.

"The Fit Girl's community is filled with so many inspiring ladies!"

Losing 30 pounds was certainly a huge accomplishment for Renia, but the number on the scale wasn't the only indication of great success. When we asked her to share some of her nonscale victories, she named the following: "Going down two sizes at my favorite store, not feeling winded while going up and down stairs, and completing my first two 5Ks last year."

"I just hope my story can help at least one person out there who feels stuck not feel stuck anymore," Renia told POPSUGAR. For anyone out there who is about to start on their own weight-loss journey, she advised, "Find what works for you and stick with it! It took me a few months to find my stride, even after I thought it was impossible."

Image Source: Renia Stala
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