Use This 30-Minute Video to Start an After-Dinner Habit That Burns Calories and Reduces Bloating

Once the weather warmed up in the spring, I started a new habit where I walk for 30 minutes outside after dinner. It's the one thing I've found that serves three purposes: 1) it stops me from overeating after dinner [1]; 2) it's a primary food [2] that fills my soul because I can do it with my family and dogs; and 3) it prevents the after-dinner bloating [3] I was getting before I started these evening walks.

When it's raining, instead of just skipping this 30-minute healthy habit, try this 30-minute, two-mile indoor walking workout from certified personal trainer and kinesiologist Johanna Sophia [4] (growwithjo [5] on YouTube). I tried it, and I love it! She said in the video that a quick, after-dinner workout is a great way to continue the positive mindset that you're doing something for you, working toward supporting your health and goals. She added that an evening workout can improve digestion and prevent that super-full, bloated feeling you often get after eating — it absolutely worked for me. Actually knowing that I don't want to feel heavy and sluggish for this evening workout inspires me to eat a little lighter at dinner, which also helps prevent bloating, which in turn helps me sleep better.

If evenings don't work for you, pick another time — the key is consistency. Whenever you can fit it in, you'll love Sophia's energy! This workout is broken down into four parts so you target your entire body, with no equipment needed — I love the two-move burnout at the end!

She does mention that this workout can help you burn fat while you're sleeping, but note that every body is different and it is unlikely to burn fat after just one workout. But this is certainly something you can do to boost your mood and help you start a habit of exercising at night. If you love indoor walking workouts, try these videos [7] to mix up your routine and prevent boredom.

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