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300 - Rep Spartan Workout

The latest movie to crush blockbuster records is 300, the much anticipated epic on Spartan and Persian history. Forget breaking blockbuster records, what about those abs? Gerard Butler's six-pack is beyond impressive.

Being curious as to how he got so damn cut so damn fast, I searched high and low for his exercise routine and Men's Health is reporting that crushing skulls Spartan style would be easier than Gerard's killer workout from Mark Twight, a former world-class mountain climber.

To see if the "300-rep Spartan Workout" is for you, hasten Butler's mind-body transformation, [Twight] created what he calls the "300-rep Spartan workout." (Trust us, 100 reps is plenty hard.) It goes like this: Without resting between exercises, Butler performs 25 pullups, 50 deadlifts with 135 pounds, 50 pushups, 50 jumps on a 24-inch box, 50 floor wipers, 50 single-arm clean-and-presses using a 36-pound kettle bell and 25 more pullups. All this, in addition to utilizing other unconventional yet equally taxing training methods, such as tire flipping and gymnastics-style ring training. Sound like hell? It is.

Five weeks before the cameras were to roll, Butler took on extra sessions with a Venezuelan bodybuilder named Franco LiCastro in order to exaggerate the physique he was after. "I wanted to look really strong," says Butler. "I've seen so many actors play these kinds of roles, and you see all this equipment on either a big belly or skinny little arms."

The workout sounds a bit extreme because it is and you should only try such a routine under supervision of a fitness professional. Butler reported that the most challenging part of it all was to stay fit after the cameras were rolling. Want your man to look like a warrior (minus the blood stains and aggression issues)? Men's Health gives a few tips.

Should we expect to see warrior fitness classes similar to the "300-rep Spartan workout" popping up at gyms nationwide? You can bet on it.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Join The Conversation
JKe895 JKe895 10 years
Ooh! *drooling *drooling
missixty02 missixty02 10 years
all those men were perfect!! I can't help but think some were photoshopped!?
scratch5 scratch5 10 years
I think if my man committed to this workout I would never see him, he's either be working out, napping, eating or sleeping. LOL
islandbreeze islandbreeze 10 years
You can't great abs by only doing any ab workout. You have to have good diet and burn off the fat by doing cardio.
nikkih nikkih 10 years
So if I get my husband to do this, he'll look like Gerard Butler? Hmmm....
tiabia tiabia 10 years
Sounds like Hell...but clearly Hell is worth it, because Butler (and company) was just too damn sexy in 300. I can admittedly say that I didn't know him until last Saturday. But I surely know him NOW!!! Yummers.
LisaK LisaK 10 years
This is about a workout, what article? I see no workout or anything else because all I see is Gerard Butler looking so so fine :DROOL: :ROTFL:
pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 10 years
it was worth the work because he was sooooo cut and soooooo good looking.
MissRobinson MissRobinson 10 years
Wow, mans got friggin determination... and I'm glad.. this was the sexxiest movie of all time.
jessiedallas jessiedallas 10 years
the movie was great and thier bodies were pretty awesome!
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 10 years
Jeez, I'm looking at the amounts of the weights. A 36 lb. kettle bell? 135 lb. weights for dead lifts? :HEAVY:
YaoMing YaoMing 10 years
I'm going to do this - starting with fit's modified ab-work-out
DesignRchic DesignRchic 10 years
I'm sending this to hubby ;) He's always up for a challenge.
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