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In the fitness world, they say if the mind is bored, the body must be too. Really...they say that - I have heard it and lived it. If you suffer from boredom or have a body that easily adjusts to however you challenge it, I have a workout plan that might just be for you.

Gunnar Peterson, trainer to the stars (like Jennifer Lopez, Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck), likes to mix it up for his clients cardio-wise. This keeps the body guessing and the mind occupied. Instead of spending 30 minutes on just one piece of cardio equipment, spend your cardio time on different machines for different amounts of time.

The cardio plan looks like this:
4:00 minutes on treadmill
5:00 minutes on elliptical
6:00 minutes on stair stepper
6:00 minutes on treadmill
5:00 minutes on elliptical
4:00 minutes on stair stepper

This totals 30 minutes, 10 on each machine. Each workout you should try to use different machines, so add rowing machine, StepMill, and stationary bike into the mix as well. You know really mix it up. this way you might fel compelled to use your least favorite piece of equipment since you won't be on it the entire workout - just 10 minutes broken up into doable chunks.

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