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42 Percent of American Adults Obese by 2030, Study Says

42 Percent of Americans Obese by 2030, 4 Easy Tips to Help You Steer Clear

At the second annual Weight of the Nation conference in Washington, we received word on the state of obesity among American adults. The good news? The growth of obesity of Americans has slowed from the record pace of the last 30 years. The not-so-good news? While 36 percent of today's adult population is obese, that number is expected to rise to a whopping 42 percent by 2030.

However, researchers are hopeful; study leader Eric Finkelstein believes that with continued anti-obesity efforts, this estimated percentage of the population can absolutely flatten out. If you want to steer clear of the 42 percent, keep reading for some straightforward lifestyle tips to help you stay fit.

  1. Keep stress levels low: You may be surprised to learn that stress can lead to serious weight gain. Keep yourself away from falling victim to the dangers of stress on your health by learning to relax and planning ahead.
  2. Stick to a healthy diet: If you want to steer clear of obesity later on in life, making healthy diet choices are essential. Can't seem to make these changes happen regardless of how hard you try? Learn how to curb cravings and opt to try out new healthy recipes that you'll learn to love.
  3. Stay active: Staying active and keeping to a consistent workout schedule is key to a happy, healthy life. If you've tried to stick to your plan to no avail, take our tips and get sneaky by tricking yourself into an exercising routine.
  4. Get some sleep: If you're a night owl who is early to rise, it's high time you changed your tune. Sleep deprivation leads to extra pounds, but have no fear. Once you start sleeping the recommended seven to nine hours a night, you can reverse the effects of your lack of Zs.
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