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45-Minute Exercise Bike Workout

Work Your Heart and Legs With this 45-Minute Bike Workout

Does it always feel like you're waiting for an elliptical or treadmill to open up at the gym? Skip the lines and hop on any available exercise bike! This plan is perfect for a beginner who wants a challenging cardio session but isn't exactly sure where to start when it comes to indoor cycling. Once you pedal through this workout, even skeptics will be convinced that these machines — while readily available — do offer a tough heart-pumping workout.

We love this workout because it is scalable to any fitness level. If you are beginning or advanced, listen to your body and go the speed that works for you in the sprint sections.

Time RPE* Notes
00:00-05:00 3 Warmup
05:00-08:00 4-5
08:00-10:00 5-6
10:00-11:00 7-8 Sprint
11:00-13:00 5-6
13:00-16:00 4-5
16:00-17:00 7-8 Sprint
17:00-20:00 4-5
20:00-22:00 5-6
22:00-23:00 7-8 Sprint
23:00-26:00 5-6
26:00-29:00 4-5
29:00-30:00 3-4 Sprint
30:00-33:00 4-5
33:00-35:00 5-6
35:00-36:00 7-8 Sprint
36:00-38:00 5-6
38:00-41:00 4-5
41:00-45:00 3 Cooldown

*RPE = Rate of perceived exertion (for explanation, click here)

Be sure to print this workout so you have it handy at the gym!

Image Source: Corbis Images
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