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SiaCooper SiaCooper 5 years
I rather eat dirt than eat at McDonalds. Sia Bevis
PoetryRosita PoetryRosita 5 years
This is a good article for my indulge day. I mean, I will still not eating McD everyday... but at least, when I feel like stopping at McD--for like, once in a month-- I know what to choose :D
lizzylu49 lizzylu49 7 years
Some people like an occasional stop at McDonalds and it's good to know which choices are preferable in terms of calories. It is possible to be a heathy person and still enjoy an occasional nugget, my god. Move to the next posting if it offends you.
Natram Natram 8 years
I used to eat at McDonalds but since i'm changing my eating habits and trying to stick with my workout regime i don't anymore. If for any reason i decide to go there i usually get coffee, something for my son and BF. I did try the grilled chicken ranch wrap and it was good.
juicy7 juicy7 8 years
mod16 mod16 8 years
jesus... let people eat what they want to eat
juicy7 juicy7 8 years
Hi not trying to offend anyone but really everyone is aware of the type of foods that is served -so it's up to you if you eat there are not. I believe the Mac is trying to serve healthier food choices.
juicy7 juicy7 8 years
The salad is beautiful but I don't like fat free anything so I'm going to pass and eat the sundae
xlove33 xlove33 8 years
You MUST be getting paid to post ANYTHING positive relating to McDonalds. I don't care where you are, there is always a better option. Nuts from a gas station or a nutri-grain bar (also not great) is something easy to find at any mini-mart. NO one ever HAS to eat at McD's. Please don't post things that support a place that is killing people slowly and willfully.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
Actually, McDonald's is not that bad. You have to know what you're ordering. Yesterday, I had their classic chicken sandwich (with grilled chicken), and a side of green salad. The sandwich only has bread, lettuce, tomato, and a piece of grilled chicken breast (I scraped off the mayo). With the side of green salad, it made for a nutritious, tasty meal. The price point was good, too. In my opinion, McDonald's does have some healthy options in their menu.
leslievanhouten leslievanhouten 8 years
McDonalds is like having that cigarette when I go out drinking with my friends; I know it's bad for me, but at the moment, it's great and reminds me of earlier times (childhood for MickeyD, art school for smokes) and I feel worse the next day. I've still haven't found anything that hits the spot like a sausage mcmuffin and hash brown.
Omgosh! OK.. last post but: Deluxe Big Breakfast = 1150 Calories Large Triple Thick Choc Shake = 1160 Calories ahh! i feel fatter just reading that! ewy
ps. This article is wrong.. Ranch dip is --200 calories!!
I don't eat McDonalds either.. but I was interested b/c my boyfriend is always trying to get me to get a Snack Wrap from there.. Snack Wraps are 260 - 270 calories if you get the Grilled Chicken! Has anyone ever tried that?? I just can't bring myself to eat McD's but.. maybe I'm being too picky?
gothamgal gothamgal 8 years
I don't go to McDonald's. Okay, I have, but for their excellent coffee. Seriously.
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