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I know the idea of snacking may seem like a great way to gain weight, but if you have a few smart snacking tactics under your belt, you'll actually be able to slim down. Check out these snacking tips from MSNBC.

  1. Stop constant cravings: Most snackers reach for something unhealthy to nosh on but the problem isn't necessarily the type of food, but rather how much they eat. You can still satiate your sweet tooth, but just enjoy so in moderation. Enjoy one small square of dark chocolate instead of the whole bar, or two spoonfuls of ice cream instead of half the pint.
  2. Liquid calories: Other beverages besides water can really rack up the calories. I'm not saying you should eliminate coffee, tea, or juice, but just be mindful of your calorie intake. Opt for water most of the time, so you can consume your calories in a more satisfying way with actual foods you crunch or chew.

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  1. Prepare for snack attacks: Sometimes your need to snack comes at you like a brick wall, and that's when you can end up reaching for the most convenient, and usually most unhealthy snack. So it's a good idea to stock up on whole grain, high-fiber, protein-packed snacks at home, in your purse, or in your desk drawer. Bags of nuts, dried fruit, granola bars, and fruit are easy to keep around.
  2. Think baked, not fried: Choose healthier versions of your favorite snack foods. Baked potato chips or soy crisps are a much healthier option than regular potato chips, and nonfat yogurt is a better option than ones made with whole milk. Also, choose whole grain crackers and pretzels as opposed to the ones made with enriched flour.
  3. Nutritious nibbles: If you get used to choosing healthy options like cheese sticks, yogurt, fruit, veggies and hummus, and nut butter on whole wheat toast, it'll become more of a habit. You'll soon realize that these kinds of snacks will give you more energy and curb your hunger more effectively than snacks filled with sugar and bad carbs. If your hunger is curbed, than you won't need to eat as much during the day, which will help you slim down.


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