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5 Things: About Chocolate

I heart chocolate. I really, really do. Here are a few facts to ponder when eating chocolate.

  1. Chocolate contains flavanoids, the antioxidant family that also contains the health-protective compounds resveratrol, found in grape juice, and EGCG, found in green tea. When we consume chocolate and cocoa the antioxidants in our bloodstream rise, which is a good thing.
  2. Dutch processed cocoa, while richer in taste, contains much fewer antioxidants than natural cocoa. Dutch processed cocoa is treated with an alkali to neutralize its acids. Unfortunately, the most readily available is cocoa processed this way.
  3. Dark chocolate is less sweet than other types of chocolate because as cocoa content goes up, sugar content drops. Dark chocolate is either bittersweet or semi sweet and contains 50-85% cocoa. Milk chocolate contains 50% cocoa.
  4. Two to four small pieces of dark chocolate are shown in studies to increase antioxidant status for several hours, but they contain about 165 to 220 calories. Fruits and veggies with the same health benefits are generally only 25 to 80 calories.
  5. According to studies performed by the Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the U.S. Naval Academy eating chocolate does not cause acne. Stress however does cause acne and I know I often reach for chocolate when stressed, so it looks like the chocolate is not to blame.

Fit's Tip: I think chocolate shouldn't be viewed as a replacement for fruits and vegetables since they are also high in vitamins, minerals and fiber. I think of chocolate as a necessary indulgence an indulgence with health benefits. That is why, when I eat it I really meditate on the pleasure it brings me.

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jillybean72 jillybean72 10 years
You do not have to feel guilt about eating chocolate anymore. It is more a money issue than guilt. Xocai chocolate is soooooooo good for you. But it does add up. You are suppose to limit your intake. I eat a piece three times a day. One in the morning, middle of the day and at night for dessert........Stops all the cravings for junk candy and cakes.. Order online and you get autoships sent right to the house. Let me know if you want anymore info on the product!
jillybean72 jillybean72 10 years
If your bar you bought was not good try some other ones too....Try Xocai chocolate. I tried it, love it and signed up for auto ships from the box a month keeps you THE PRODUCT 1. A rich dark Belgian chocolate nugget equal in antioxidant value to one half pound of spinach. 2. A powerful antioxidant dark chocolate beverage with a full spectrum of potent berries. One oz. of this beverage equals 1 lb. of broccoli in antioxidant value. 3. The first ever omega-3 dark chocolate bar. 4. A meal replacement protein bar containing 10 g. of protein and 6 g. of fiber. 5. The newest product is a Body by Xocolate weight loss program. 6. No added sugar, dairy, caffeine free and diabetic friendly.
SU3 SU3 10 years
"Chocolate as an indulgence with health benefits" Love it! :D But I must say... I bought a chocolate bar that was 85% cocoa and honestly, it was NOT good. I can't bring myself to taste it again. It's still sitting on my kitchen counter... Maybe I just got a bad one... I don't know.
pinupsweetheart pinupsweetheart 10 years
I am not a big sweet person, I love salty foods like fries or chips. But when that time of the month comes - I crave chocolate for a couple days.
missnomi missnomi 10 years
mmm! I just got myself a tiny piece of 80% cocoa chocolate. As for the calories, well, since it's so ruch in cocoa I get my fix from only one piece, no need to eat more :)
divinedebris divinedebris 10 years
i agree, krisua. i think.. i hate reading all of the bad things about chocolate because when i get a craving it doesn't go away until i give in. and it could last more than a couple weeks. believe me, i stopped chocolate for a while and it was bad.
krisua krisua 10 years
Could anyone please ever write of all the bad sides chocolate has? These kind of articles what good it makes are just unfortunate for desperate chocoholics like myself.
jhuck jhuck 10 years
They had an article on msn the other day about Swiss people and how they're so healthy. They say that a few pieces of good quality chocolate every day is healthy, and that their streets aren't full of fast food restaurants to tempt people.
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