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5 Things About Massage

Often times massages can seem like the ultimate splurge, but in the end it's just as good for you as it feels.

Newsweek recently outlined a few things about massage that you may not have known, and here are five highlights:

  1. It provides all over pain relief. Massage creates chemical changes that reduce pain and stress throughout the body. One way it does this is by reducing a brain chemical called substance P that is related to pain.
  2. It may boost immunity. Several studies have found dramatic decreases in cortisol, which is produced when you are stressed. Cortisol kills cells important for immunity, so when massage reduces your stress levels and the cortisol in your body, it may help you avoid getting a cold or another illness while under stress.

There are more surprising discoveries about massage so


  1. Massage reduces hypertension. This may be because it stimulates pressure receptors that prompt action from the vagus nerve, one of the nerves that regulates blood pressure, as well as other functions.
  2. Any technique does the trick. There's little evidence to support one kind of massage over another, says Tiffany Field, a professor of pediatrics. The key is pressure firm enough to make a temporary indentation in the skin.
  3. You can massage yourself. Although you don't have to massage the part of the body that hurts to relieve pain, targeting that area does tend to help more.

So why not book yourself an appointment for a massage? I know I am going to, especially since cold and flu season is on the horizon.


Rebecca101 Rebecca101 9 years
Yay! I love massages and get one about once a week, and now I can show my husband that they're not just indulgent spa treatments!
Allytta Allytta 9 years
i find stretching with a help of another person even more pleasant. i just can't do all the same stuff alone. and a good massage means some pain. if you want to get your sinus cleaned - it's so awful: tears, mucus and stuff... but better than any medication. also saline sediment cleansing massage is extremely painful and we all have that nasty sediment... maybe fit doesn't, cause she moves so much, but i can feel it in my neck... also a friend told me about her problems with liver and curing liver massage wa a torture - they put they fingers in your sides very deeps, and move them around... so it tickles like crazy, and the person sits on you so there's no escape... she past out the the excessive tickling.
Banna Banna 9 years
I just had my first massage today, I was feeling some soreness after a lot of time hiking in the field, carrying heavy backpacks, and already feel so much better! I'm hooked!
JessicaLE JessicaLE 9 years
I had a full-body massage about a month ago, and now I'm hankering to get the deep tissue massage for my lower body since I've started running.
jkat jkat 9 years
Hot stone is my favorite. It has changed my life. Love it.
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