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5 Things: Choosing New Running Sneaks

Finding the right sneaker is kind of like finding a good boyfriend. Running shoes should be comfortable, practical, and not too flashy. Here are some tips on finding the right shoe for you.

  1. Figure out what type of foot you have (narrow, wide, low arches, no arches, etc.) and choose a sneaker to fit your foot. Don't look at color, brand, style, or price to gauge quality or superiority. You should base your decision on how they feel (chances are you'll find a few to choose from, not just the $175 pair). Also remember not to skimp on new sneakers either. There's a reason crappy sneakers are so cheap.
  2. Think about where you'll be running and check out the material the shoe is made with. Many shoes are made with this airy mesh material so your feet don't overheat, but if you are going to be running near water, you'll want a waterproof sneak instead. Also, you may like the look of trail runners, but if you are strictly a pavement girl, you'll need a shoe that offers more cushion and support, and not such a rubbery sole.
  3. Wear your old running shoes to the store. You'll probably be buying them at an athletic shop that's staffed with fellow runners, so have them look at your old kicks so they can gain some insight into what type of shoe may suit you best. Also wear the socks you'll be running in when trying on new sneakers.
  4. Want to hear the rest? Then

  5. Pick out shoes at the end of the day. Your feet are slightly larger then, since we spend so much time on our feet. If you pick out shoes at the end of the day, you'll ensure a more comfortable fit. It's better that they feel slightly loose than way too tight.
  6. Break them in. Just because your new sneakers feel great in the store after wearing them for 5 minutes, doesn't mean they'll feel great after a 5 mile run. If the store has a treadmill or track you can run on, take them up on their offer. If they still feel good after a test run, buy them, and go on some shorter runs before zooming right into a 10k race.


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syako syako 10 years
Yeah RunnersWorld has great tips. One of them is how to find out what type of arch you have. You lay down a paper bag on the ground (tile floor or concrete) and put a pan full of water next to it. Dip your foot in the water and then step on the bag. If you foot print is full you have low arches or flat feet. If you really only see the front of the foot and the back of the foot with a gap in the middle, you have high arches. And then if it's in the middle you have normal arches. Knowing this really helps you narrow down some running shoe choices.
nefertiti nefertiti 10 years
This is great! I was just thinking of buying anew pair for myself! I got my currently ones cheaply and I think they're way to clunky.
secrethoughts secrethoughts 10 years
I'm an avid runner, and this advice is right on point. has tons of info on how to find out what kind of shoe is right for your foot and running style, and they have great reviews of running shoes as well!
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
Thank you Fit! Some people used to tell me I can go get a pair of shoes from wal-mart that would do just as good as the Nike's I got at Women's Foot Locker, but they are wrong! and you are right! :-)
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