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5 Things: The Cool Down

The post-workout cool down is just as important as the pre-workout warm up, but many of us skip it — especially if we are short on time. Read the following five things and hopefully they will inspire you to make the time.

  1. Cool down by walking or jogging for five to ten minutes. This slowing down helps to cool your body temperature and allows the body to remove the waste products from muscles that were worked.
  2. Stretching is an essential component of the cool down. Not only does stretching muscles post workout help increase the range of motion of your joints, but it also continues the cooling down of your hot body.
  3. The cool down helps prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), the nemesis of fitness freaks. Post-workout pain often discourages fitness newbies and they lose their drive. So if you are new to the fitness world, don't cut your cool down short.
  4. Cooling down decreases your chances of fainting in the locker room. Abruptly ending a cardio workout can cause blood to pool in your extremities leaving you dizzy and light headed or causing you to faint. It also helps your heart rate gradually return to normal.
  5. A cool down helps you end on a calm note by decreasing the adrenaline in your blood stream.


Join The Conversation
almostloli almostloli 9 years
my cool down period is usually around 5 mins.. sometimes i skip it :(
sweetpeabrina sweetpeabrina 9 years
Delay onset muscle soreness is the pitts!!
skinnyforme skinnyforme 9 years
I usually walk off my workouts.. till i stop sweating and get cold again then i'm good to go.
Chaoticfury Chaoticfury 9 years
My cool down period is usually 5-8 minutes. Some Tai Chi moves and stretching.
merymery merymery 9 years
Ashcwebb, I wish I lived in a place where I could tan after a work out :) I almost never do a cool-down, but I definitely will after this article!
cravinsugar cravinsugar 9 years
Haha, i MAKE myself walk for 5 minutes on a slower is so boring though. and, i am still duper dizzy afterwards. And i stretch.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
I usually walk for 2 minutes after the treadmill. But I tan after too. Just for 10 minutes, but it's super relaxing. It's quiet, warm, and makes me feel more rejuvenated after :)
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