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We all know men and women are completely different sexes, but did you know that our bodies function differently too? So here are five things from you probably didn't know that make a woman's body different from a man's:

  1. Women might actually be the stronger sex. A report called The Fragile Male, published in the British Medical Journal, concluded that men, by most measures, are more "vulnerable" than women. The author cited the higher pre-birth mortality rate of male fetuses, higher rates of developmental and behavioral disorders in boys, higher rates of several lethal diseases, and other factors.
  2. Women have stronger immune systems than men, which may be the reason women live longer. Researchers at the Imperial College School of Medicine in London found that women in every age group had greater counts of T cells, the white blood cells that combat infections.
  3. The male and female bodies process drugs differently. Women will typically clear drugs through their systems faster, particularly during the time around their periods when hormonal cycles are accelerated. In fact, up until around 20 years ago, drug companies did not appreciate this difference and left women out of clinical trials for new drugs.
  4. Food typically takes longer to pass through a woman's digestive tract than a man's.
  5. A woman's skin is more likely to become wrinkled than a man's.


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