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5 Things for Perfect Strength Training

So you've been pumping iron at the gym — bravo! Make sure that you're getting the most out of all your hard work by incorporating these five things into your program:

  1. Warm up: It can be short, but the object is to get the blood flowing so you don't injure yourself.
  2. Breathe More: I know it seems like a no brainer for me to tell you to breathe, but a lot of us hold our breath while lifting weights. Be sure to exhale during the hard part of your move.
  3. Slow It Down: Faster seems easier because it is. The slower you go, the more muscle fibers get involved, which means a fuller workout.
  4. Keep Abs Tight: Not only will you burn more calories since you're using more muscles, but using your abs helps keep your form.
  5. Stretch: When all is said and done, nothing feels better than a post weight lifting stretch.


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