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5 Things For Trail Running

Running in the woods is one of my favorite ways to work out because it's peaceful, all those hills are great for my quads and booty, and the soft dirt is easy on my joints. If you love trail running, too, here are some things to think about:

  1. Harder to spot than curbs, tree roots and rocks are a natural part of the trail. Keep your eyes peeled and focused forward, scanning the trail for obstacles.
  2. Bug spray is a great idea since mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies love to buzz around in damp places.
  3. Avoid mud and puddles. Not only is it slippery and dirty, but if your feet get wet, you're more likely to develop blisters.
  4. Like always, it is important to shower immediately after your run because you might have come into contact with poison ivy or poison oak. Scrubbing your legs with soap and water will help get rid of the oils that cause the rash.
  5. Check yourself for ticks after a run, too. You can use a mirror or ask a friend to check the parts you have a hard time seeing. Don't forget your head — ticks like to hide.


nevadamtnbear nevadamtnbear 9 years
I don't mean to be critical but this was pretty weak. Maybe it just seems too basic. Wet feet, cotton socks and poorly draining shoes = blisters. Good shoes, good socks will make that essentially a non-issue except for really long runs. Puddles, creeks, rivers shouldn't be a foe. Sunscreen/bug spray should be second nature to anyone spending any amount of time in the outdoors. If you spend time in areas with poison oak/ivy you are probably well stocked on Ivy Block or have a couple bottles of Tecnu in your shower already (both better than soap and water alone). Trail running ROCKS, but if I were to come up with 5 essentials for trail running, it would be much different. Here's mine: 1) Dirty Girl Gaiters ( Now, those tiny little rocks, etc. THOSE will cause blisters. 2) Hand bottle holder ( or similar product. Water is harder to find out on the trails. Carrying one or two bottles keeps the water close at hand. 3) Good trail runners, like Montrail Hard Rocks. Good shoes with appropriate stability and traction for what the trails can throw out at you makes a huge difference from running in your street Nike's. 4) Garmin GPS watch. Out on the trails, you venture off down a little path you haven't seen before. It's nice to know whether you did 6 miles or 7. 5) Good trail running socks, like Smartwool. Trail socks offer better durability (well, except for the Injinji merino wool) cushioning, and are great for the footsies over the long haul. But, this is great for getting discussions going.
tweet-hotpants tweet-hotpants 9 years
i live near an air force base in new england and there are running trails through the woods all over the place. while you're running there'll be helicopters and low flying planes (about to land) flying over your head - it feels like you're a fugitive running from the law!
silly3 silly3 9 years
I lov etrail running - so much more interesting than the road.
kia kia 9 years
I save the puddle jumping for towards the end. It can be slippery, and cause blisters, but it is so much fun.
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