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5 Things: Watching Cocktail Calories

There's nothing wrong with knocking back a few cocktails at your Memorial Day festivities, but don't let those empty calories destroy your efforts to eat healthy. Here are five smart solutions for cutting down on cocktail calories.

  1. Dilute your juice. If you like fruit juice-based cocktails, such as screwdrivers or vodka and cranberry, cut down on the juice and add calorie-free sparkling water instead.
  2. Use low-calorie mixers. Even tonic water is surprisingly high in calories, so opt for diet tonic and sodas. For margaritas and other summery drinks, check out the sugar-free options from Baja Bob.

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  1. Or, ditch the mixers entirely. Classic martinis, manhattans, and other mixerless drinks are much lower in sugar than juice-based beverages. Plus, they're strong, so you will drink them slowly, unlike those sugar drinks that go down too easily!
  2. Cut out the cream. If you're drinking something like a White Russian that calls for heavy cream, sub in two percent milk or fat-free half and half.
  3. Seek out low-cal recipes. There are plenty of mixologists out there who've come up with healthier versions of high-calorie cocktails, such as these from Hungry Girl and Drink of the Week.

Do you have tips for watching calories in cocktails? Share them in the comments below!

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