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5 Trendy Slipless Towels for Hot Yoga Classes

5 Slipless Towels For Hot Yoga

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Is it bad that I get more motivated to workout when I have all the "required gear" for a specific fitness classes? I'll go to one class and then convince myself that I need just the right headband, shoes, socks and sports bra to really step in up in class number two. What I truly love about yoga is the fact that it's a minimalists dream — heck, just show up and you can take part in what you're already wearing (OK, I take that back, you might need some lycra).

Aside from my yoga mat, the only other investment I've made to my yoga routine is getting a proper non-slip towel for Bikram yoga classes. Hot yoga is great for sweating out toxins, but your mat can turn into one dangerous Slip 'N Slide if you don't use a towel that is specially designed to grip to your mat. Trust me, I learned the hard way!

Here are some of my favorites that not only soak up the sweat, but keep you in one place during your practice. Namaste.

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