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A personal trainer can help you tremendously in your efforts in getting fit. Most trainers are with you 100 percent in that goal, but some can be lacking in their efforts. Trainers aren't cheap so here are a few tips that could be indicators that you may need to put your money (and time) towards another trainer:

  1. She did not sit down with you to get your history. Trainers should sit down with their clients to get their health history as well as assess their fitness levels before having them do a single sit-up.
  2. He does not pay attention while you're doing your exercises. A trainer is supposed to make sure you are doing the exercises properly so you can get the best workout. If your trainer takes the time to clean up the weight room, check her voice mail or gossip with another trainer while you're doing your sets then you may want to look for another trainer.
  3. She has you doing the same stuff over and over again. This is why you hired a trainer in the first place, right? Your trainer should have you switching up your exercises. A little repetition is OK, but doing the same stuff over and over again is not.

There are a few more so


  1. He makes you cry. Don't laugh, it happens. If you don't mix well with your trainer then you should try to find a better match to your personality. There is no rule you have to stick with a trainer you just don't like.
  2. She airs out dirty laundry to you. You're paying her to help you work out, not to help her with her boyfriend problems. Sure, there is nothing wrong with a little girl talk, but it shouldn't get in the way of your exercise.

Do you have anything you'd like to add to the list? Share them below.


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