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5 Ways to Resist Office Snacks

5 Ways to Resist the Office Candy Jar

Whether it's because of mindless eating or the need to take a break, sometimes you can't resist the office candy jar. Its sweet offerings are varied and never ending, and finding your way over to it can be a much-needed distraction or break from the daily grind.

But the call of the candy jar can mean disaster for your diet, especially if it leads to a regular habit of unconscious indulging. Are you a sucker for sweets at the office? Here are some ways to quell your cravings.

  1. Stock up on healthy alternatives. If you go for candy because you crave something sweet, bring fresh fruit, trail mix with dried fruit, a small piece of dark chocolate, or other healthy alternatives so you can sate your sweet tooth without all the empty calories.
  2. Drink water. Sometimes, if I'm brainstorming or stuck on an idea at work, I'll reach for something to eat. I've been trying to reach for my water bottle instead whenever I need to stop and think. It works, and it helps me drink more water! Try sweetening your water with some fruit juice or crushed berries if that helps.
  3. Map out your weekly quota. Tell yourself how many pieces of candy you're allowed for the week and don't stray. If you happen to indulge too much on Monday, know that you're out of luck for the rest of the week. Knowing how many calories are in each fun size piece can help you figure out how much you should be eating.
  4. Socialize other ways. At an old job, the receptionist would keep a candy jar on her desk to entice people to come up and chat. If you feel like you are going back to the bowl because you need a break, try other ways to get in a gab fest: nix the email and walk to a co-worker's desk to talk or get lunch with someone to take a break.
  5. Go on a walk. Need that sugar fix for energy? A brisk walk around lunchtime is a great way to have more energy in the afternoon, not too mention the perfect way to clear your head for tackling tasks.
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