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When life gives you stress, take a walk. Walking is not only an easy way to burn a few extra calories, but you can also burn off some steam in just a few minutes. Next time stress makes its way into your life, throw on a pair of sneakers and walk. AOL Health has even outlined a few great tips for turning your walks into the ultimate stress reducers. They are:

  1. Adopt the right attitude. Tell yourself that taking a walk will help you accomplish more on your to-do list. Exercise makes you feel better and think more clearly, so you become more productive.
  2. Aim for the a.m. Walking first thing in the morning, before anyone else is out and about, gives you an opportunity to focus on yourself, says Suki Munsell, PhD, director of the Dynamic Health and Fitness Institute in Corte Madera, CA. "When my day looks hectic, with lots of decisions ahead, an early-morning walk brings answers and clarity," she notes.

There's more, so


  1. Seek out new scenery. Choose a walking route that takes you down quiet streets or through a beautiful park. The more appealing your surroundings, the calmer you'll feel. Walking on busy streets, in unsafe neighborhoods, or after dark only adds to your stress.
  2. Slow your pace. Pushing yourself to go faster or farther only adds to your stress. During tense times, keep your walks leisurely.
  3. Break up your workout. If your schedule is so busy that you can't find one chunk of time for your walk, take advantage of spare minutes throughout the day. Head outdoors for a stroll before or after lunch, or between appointments. Even five minutes of walking is enough to recharge your batteries.

Do you walk your stress off? Tell me in the comments section below.


Join The Conversation
jessie jessie 8 years
my friend and i used to walk all the time...we say okay..let just go one time thing we know we've gone 3 miles..and still walking and talking...we always felt so much better afterwards.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 8 years
Since I live in a big city and it takes me about 45 min to an hour to get home after work, I'm trying to walk halfway home before hopping on the bus to help release some stress.
Faylinn Faylinn 8 years
Walking at night or in the evening is just as good. After I had a stressful day, exercise really helps calm my nerves.
kittyhill kittyhill 8 years
I'm on staff at a university, & the area right behind the building I work at is a huge open grass field with a few tall, mature trees. The area's designed for tailgating on game days, but fortunately, it's wide open & beautiful on weekdays. So every afternoon when the weather's good I take a stroll around the field & look for groundhogs. It's my favorite part of my work day.
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