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50 Shades Darker Dakota Johnson Exercise

Get Dakota Johnson's Fifty Shades Workout, Straight From Her Trainer

50 Shades Darker Dakota Johnson Exercise

Want to know the secrets behind Dakota Johnson's fitness routine? Ramona Braganza, on-set trainer for Fifty Shades Darker, celebrity trainer (currently working with Michael Weatherly, star of CBS's "BULL") and brains behind the 3-2-1 Training Method, revealed the exercise secrets she used with Dakota to get her warmed up and ready to bare it all on camera.

Three quick plyometric moves will give you a challenging workout, all under five minutes. "These jumping exercises increase metabolism, burn fat, and tone legs," Ramona told POPSUGAR. Since there's no equipment involved, you can do these moves anywhere you are, in your living room or at the gym, or even in your bedroom if there's a little bit of space to move.

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