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Eating enough protein daily helps with weight loss, since this macronutrient satiates your hunger better than carbs or fats. Plus, protein is the building block of the human body. Your muscles, skin, hair, and connective tissues are mostly made up of protein, but it also plays a huge role in every cell in your body. Our enzymes, hormones, and DNA are also partially made up of protein, so it's important to get enough every day. Depending on your weight and activity level, a woman needs between 40 and 60 grams per day. Check this chart to see exactly how much you need.

Since I'm always hearing that women feel like they have a difficult time getting their daily amount, here are five easy ways to get an added five grams of protein.

  1. Add 1/2 a cup of garbanzo beans (chickpeas) to your salad for 5.9 grams of protein. If you're not a fan of beans, then sprinkle one ounce of organic shredded cheddar cheese instead to get six grams of protein.
  2. Crumble 1/8 of a block of tofu and mix it into your pasta sauce for an added 6.4 grams of protein.

To see the other ways to get five grams of protein,


  1. Spoon out two ounces of cottage cheese and add it to cut-up cantaloupe for 7.8 grams of protein.
  2. Snack on 1/4 cup edamame (boiled green soybeans) and you'll consume 5.6 grams of protein.
  3. Just one ounce of tempeh (1/8 of a package) can be added to your stir fry to get 5.5 grams of protein.
  4. Munch on 20 almonds, which contain 5.1 grams of protein. Or if you prefer, you can spread two tablespoons of almond butter on crackers to get 4.8 grams of protein.


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