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This Intense Workout Will Get You the Body You Want

Mar 11 2017 - 5:35am

Not every workout has to be a no-holds-barred sweat fest, but we're not going to lie: those days when you crush it at the gym are the ones that are going to help you see results fast. So pound that pre-workout shake, and take this hour-long workout with you the next time you want an effective workout.

The intense workout is one of The Biggest Loser: Australia trainer Michelle Bridges's secrets for burning calories fast, and it's not for beginners. This particular workout from Michelle's book Total Body Transformation [1] ($17) comes at weeks nine and 10 of her 12-week plan, so if you're new to the gym, then start off slow, modify, or try one of our beginner-friendly workouts [2] instead. If you're up for a challenge, however, check out the workout below, learn the moves, print the workout [3], and get ready to burn calories and boost your metabolism.

To start, do a warmup: three minutes on the rowing machine, ending with a 500-meter (1/3-mile) sprint. Follow it up with 20 minutes on the treadmill (Michelle recommends 5 to 6 mph at 2 percent incline for 20 minutes or 10 minutes at 5 to 6 mph and 2 percent incline followed by 10 minutes at 3.5 mph at 12 percent incline.) Aim to get your heart rate up to 150 bpm by the end of your warmup. Then follow with these two circuits below, repeating each circuit three times. End with a cooldown stretch [5].

This workout is made for the gym, but you can modify any of these moves to suit the equipment you have at home (jog in place or use dumbbells in place of the barbell, for example).

Print this chart here [6].

Walking Push-Ups

If you don't have a bench, you can perform this move on the floor or with one hand alternating on a medicine ball. Lower to your knees if staying on your toes is too difficult.

Forward and Backward Jumps

Standing Shoulder Press

Start with 20 pounds for this workout and modify if necessary; your arms and shoulders should feel fatigued by the last rep.

Ice Skaters

Backward Power Lunge

Sideways Running

This move will help increase your agility.

Finish the circuit with five minutes of indoor cycling before repeating the entire circuit for a total of three times.

Ab Work

Now it's time to work those all-important abs. Repeat this section three times. Start with a 20-pound ball for this workout, and modify if necessary.

Supported Crunch With Medicine Ball

Supported Crunch With Medicine Ball With Twist

Supported Crunch With No Ball
Finish with 20 reps of supported crunches, this time with no ball in your hand.

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