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65-Pound Weight-Loss Transformation

Tiffany Lost 65 Pounds in 1 Year By Ditching These 3 Foods

Tiffany's transformation is jaw-dropping, not only because she lost 65 pounds in one year, but also because she didn't "diet" or go to the gym. Tiffany told POPSUGAR, "I decided to 100 percent commit to being DONE with 'junk food.' No more candy bars, sodas, or other things alike. I went dairy-free and gluten-free." Changing her diet profoundly affected how she felt.

After eliminating dairy, Tiffany said, she lost over 20 pounds in the first couple of months "and felt better than I have ever felt in my life. No out-of-control cravings or anything. Just content."

Instead of having a gym membership, Tiffany worked out at home doing Insanity Max 30, a Beachbody program. It was extremely challenging, but she just modified the moves, did them as best she could, and "paused A LOT in the beginning just to breathe."

"It feels so good to have a real smile again and actually be happy."

Tiffany celebrated some huge nonscale victories along the way, like being able to find clothes she liked, instead of ones that just fit. "When I would go shopping, I would always buy the XL of whatever it was and never try it on because I didn't want to face that it might have been too small for me. I ended up with piles and piles of clothes that didn't fit me that I was too ashamed to take back." Now Tiffany proudly finds cute clothes regardless of their size and even has fun trying them on in the dressing room!

Now her diet consists of:

Breakfast: large protein shake with collagen, fruit, and cashew milk
Lunch: lean meat (ground turkey, chicken, etc.) with some veggies
Dinner: large salad with a dairy-free dressing and chicken

For snacks, she says, "I love RXBARs; they're superclean and filling. I also like an apple and peanut butter, carrots, or some unprocessed food. I try to keep snacking to a minimum since it can add a bunch of unnecessary calories. Drinking a ton of water is my go-to."

Her key to staying motivated involves the support of her "fit family" on Instagram. She shares, "People message me every single day and tell me that I'm their motivation. That they're on their weight-loss journey because I made them believe they could reach their goals. I am setting an example for so many people, and it gives me purpose. I can't let them down. I want everyone to achieve the change of life I have been so blessed to be able to achieve."

Another huge motivator is remembering how uncomfortable, miserable, and depressed she felt all the time. Tiffany says, "I never want to feel that way again." She's spending time being active with her kids and loves being able to "take them to the beach without feeling embarrassed! I could never give that up for food."

Tiffany's advice for those on their own weight-loss journey is: "Don't diet. Eating healthy and keeping your body moving is what works. Starvation diets, diet pills, wraps — they're all temporary. Solving the real problem will give you the real and permanent solution."

Also be patient, and "don't rush it!" Tiffany goes on, "When you lose weight the right way, it comes off slower. Learn to be OK with that and love the process! It's a journey, not a destination."

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