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72-Year-Old Ernestine Shepard Lifts Weights and Runs 80 Miles a Day

Don't Call Her Granny!

Ernestine Sheperd is 72 years old. She runs 80 miles a week, lifts weights every day, and is a certified trainer. Among her many accolades is a first place showing in a body building competition. Talk about inspiration.

I was floored watching this video of Ernestine that Kristen — a FitSugar reader — sent my way. In her email, Kristen wrote that Ernestine has become a source of inspiration to her, and I totally agree. This older woman is lively, full of health and vitality, and looks amazing. She is also living proof that a healthy lifestyle takes years off your life. And did you see Ernestine's nails? Amazing.

If you have a story, tip, or video to share, I'd love to hear from you. Send me an email or post it to our FitSugar Community. I know our Get Fit For 2010 challenge participants will love the inspiration!

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