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leemorg leemorg 5 years
Hi there, Thanks for the great advice. Getting your prep work done by Sunday night can save you loads of time during an otherwise busy week, thereby ensuring that you "always have time" to get in your workouts and healthy eating. :) In particular, planning your meals and preparing your foods in advance can be especially helpful. In addition to chopping up some raw veggies for snack, I aim to prep as much as I can for the upcoming week. I'll take the time to boil some brown rice, grill up a couple chicken breasts, and so forth. Whatever you can get done on Sunday, do it. This way, when you're tired after work and tempted to get take out, you'll always have a healthy, quick-fix solution on hand. All it'll take is briefly reheating your chicken, rice, and veggies, as they've already been cooked. In terms of roasted veggies, they should last you the week. Some of the softer veggies (think bell peppers and egg plant) might get a little mushy sooner, but they should last you at least the 5 days you're at work. I like to get my groceries out of the way on a Sunday as well, so that my fridge is all stocked up during the week, when there's less motivation to go food shopping. Greek yogurt and eggs are two things I always have on hand in ample amounts. Greek yogurt is a great snack, breakfast, or post-workout food, while eggs are pretty much good to go anytime. I particularly like eggs because they're so easily cooked. If you've just gotten home from a long shift and are looking for a hot but healthy meal, look no further than a couple of eggs. Try scrambling a pair with a portion of brown rice, veggies, and salsa--my personal favorite (its not as weird as it sounds!). :) Thanks again for the advice! As always, best of luck to you all in your fitness journeys. Cheers, Lee customizingfitness . com
spicyhippofood spicyhippofood 5 years
I love the roasting veggies advice, however, how long can roasted veggies last in the fridge?
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