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80-Pound Weight-Loss Transformation

Britney Lost Over 80 Pounds, and This Is the 1 Thing That Helped Her Keep It Off For Over 6 Years

We are incredibly in awe of anyone who puts in the time and dedication to lose weight, but the thing that makes our jaws drop is when they're able to maintain it. Britney lost over 80 pounds and has kept it off for over six years. She says she was able to go through such a massive physical transformation with "diet, and plenty of exercise, and crazy willpower but I stayed on my path because of how I was able to switch my internal conversation with myself." And that conversation started with love.

Instead of hating on her body every day, looking in the mirror and pointing out the flaws, and being angry that her body didn't look a certain way, Britney says, "now I have love for my body, my skin, my cellulite, my stretch marks, and small boobs and big booty, my extra skin on my legs and thighs, the list could keep going." That was the key. Loving her body in every way, and making that internal transformation was what made maintaining her weight loss possible.

Her advice to anyone struggling with losing weight and keeping it off is that while you're working on changing your physical body, "Start speaking to yourself out of love, become in love with your natural authentic beauty, your raw self and watch your world transform." And don't do it alone. Rely on the support of others and "surround yourself with people who are madly in love with their bodies," so the message of #bodypositivity is so strong, you have to listen.

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