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90-Pound Weight Loss

Megan Lost 90+ Pounds and Healed Her "Bad Relationship With Food" Thanks to This Program

Megan Regalado tried a lot of fitness and weight-loss programs in an attempt to lose weight, but nothing really stuck. It wasn't until she discovered Beachbody that she found a way to turn her life around and get her health on track. Read her full story below.

"I have been a marketing director for the last six years and even worked for a fitness camp," Megan told POPSUGAR. "I struggled with my weight my whole life and after college gained a lot of weight. When I was 21, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. With PCOS, you're told that it is impossible to lose the weight. I felt doomed."

From there, Megan said she went through a "never-ending cycle of gaining weight and worsening symptoms." For a whole decade, she saw her weight go up and down on the scale. "In the last three years, I have had two children. This just made me lose more control of my body and weight," she shared. "I was starting to feel depressed and bored at home. I wasn't happy with my body or my mind."

One day while she was browsing through social media, Megan read a post from a fitness coach who posed the question of where you want to see yourself in the next five years. "I thought about my life for a minute. I thought about my three beautiful children — all of the energy they had. I thought about myself," Megan said. "I was amazed what my mind conjured: a happy, healthy, fit person. I was loving my body and loving my life. I had enough energy to chase around my kids, and I was able to support them in all of the activities they wanted to do." She knew she had to make a change.

Megan started with the 21 Day Fix from Beachbody. "I was nervous that with the size of my body, I would not be able to complete the workouts. I was worried about the cravings for food I had. I was worried with a full-time marketing job and three children, I would not have the time to be able to commit to a program," she admitted. But her coach helped her overcome all of those challenges.

Luckily, the fitness program was easy to work into her schedule. The portion-controlled food plan from 21 Day Fix helped Megan reestablish a healthy relationship with food. "I was eating more than ever and losing weight!" she said.

As for the workouts, Megan loved the 21 Day Fix workout program "because it only takes 30 minutes and the results are crazy!" Both her body and her mind felt clearer than ever. She's also used various other Beachbody programs, including Country Heat, Core De Force, P90X3, Beachbody Ultimate Reset, 3 Week Yoga Retreat, and Insanity Max: 30.

"Now I am [doing] 80 Day Obsession, and I love that I am able to do my workouts from home," Megan told POPSUGAR. "With three children, it was hard to get to the gym and work out. Now I can do my workouts from anywhere. No more drives to the gym!"

So far, Megan has lost over 90 pounds and has gone from a size 22 to a size 2. "It is so nice to not pay the price of plus-size clothes," she said. "Now, eating healthy is second nature and the workouts are part of my everyday routine. I still have struggles, but now I know the tools to help me manage my stress." Megan is most proud about the fact that this journey has been a long-term solution for her rather than a quick fix.

"My life has changed completely since I started . . . I feel better about myself. I am stronger, more confident, determined, and overall happier," Megan gushed. "I wake up with more energy for life. I have more of myself to give to the ones I love. I am fitting into clothes I haven't [worn] since college. It has just been a complete turnaround from the person I was before the program. I am now helping others to make life transformations for themselves."

Image Source: Megan Regalado
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