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90-Pound Fitbit Weight-Loss Transformation and Maintenance

Tonyia Lost 90 Pounds in Over 2 Years: "Once You Start Moving . . . That Changes Everything!"

90-Pound Fitbit Weight-Loss Transformation and Maintenance
Image Source: Courtesy of Tonyia Renee

Tonyia Renee has overcome many health obstacles in her life. Around 12 years ago, she underwent a full hysterectomy after being told she had six months to live due to cervical cancer. Tonyia also beat drugs and alcohol. Another obstacle she overcame? The roadblock that prevented her from getting serious about losing weight.

At her heaviest, Tonyia weighed 296 pounds. In 2012, when she first started considering making consistent lifestyle changes, she weighed in at 290. She did more walking near her house, but it wasn't until 2014 that she hired a personal trainer, overhauled her diet, and bought a Fitbit. More than two years and about 90 pounds later, Tonyia reached her goal weight. Since early 2017, she's worked to maintain this progress, especially after a bariatric surgery that year, which she said her doctor suggested. She was scheduled for a hernia repair and, when the doctor saw imaging beforehand and found stomach ulcers, the decision was that "it would be better for my life, my health, and everything if I got bariatric sleeve surgery, too."

Tonyia, now 42 and living in Maryland, told POPSUGAR, "I started many years ago, but I did not see results until I got serious about it and felt determined to make it happen." Currently, she's been fluctuating between 200 and 205 pounds, and she has goals to continue her weight loss — her journey, she said, isn't over. This lifestyle transformation has also helped her get off antidepressants and blood pressure medications, as well as work on her mental health. Ahead, check out what Tonyia does for exercise, her eating habits, how she uses Fitbit, and her ambitions for the future.

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