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Yoga Moves Like Jagger: Top Tips From Adam Levine's Teacher

Alanna Zabel is one of Hollywood's go-to yoga experts, helping clients like The Voice judge and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine achieve long, lean bodies. In a visit to POPSUGAR Live!, Alanna, who has created the AZIAM Active Wear collections and written a memoir called As I Am, spoke about how she trains her clients, the benefits of the practice that extend beyond the mat, and poses she recommends to combat weight gain and bloating.

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mschelley mschelley 3 years
I really hate when "fitness experts" bash another form of exercise just because they don't adhere to it or like it. Lifting does NOT make you bulky - unless you're training to add bulk. I've been using kettlebells for years and it hasn't added any bulk - if anything, it has leaned me out. FitSugar should really ask that their guest not make such blanket statements, especially when it's been proven lifting weights actually helps women fight certain medical issues (i.e.: osteoporosis).
kgpelton kgpelton 3 years
I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT YOU WOULD AIR THIS INTERVIEW WITH A "FITNESS EXPERT" in which she claims "lifting weights can make you bulky." Talk about sending mixed messages to your readers. Unacceptable.
Matthew-Rodrigues Matthew-Rodrigues 3 years
There's nothing better for the body than yoga.
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