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Add Spices to Coffee Instead of Sugar

Smarter Eats: Add Spices to Coffee Instead of Sugar

I've been doing a pretty good job and controlling my coffee habit: I've switched from lattes to drip, do my best to make it at home or at the office, and I've cut down on the amount of cups I drink each week. In an added attempt to cut back on sugar, I've started adding spices to my coffee instead of the sweet stuff. The added dimension of flavor that spices add, enhances my coffee enough that I don't even miss the sugar.

The next time you have coffee, try adding a spice like nutmeg or cinnamon to it — even a tiny hint of dark cocoa will do. I've also found that a little bit of vanilla tastes good in coffee too. But my all time favorite is using a pumpkin spice mixture. Whether you buy it from the store, or make your own, the combo of all those spices really sits well in a cup of coffee.

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