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Addicted to Gummy Bears!

Get Fit Challenge 10: One Reader Is Scared of the Bears

Giving up a vice is never simple, but FitSugar reader kelliechio is coming clean on her gummy bear addiction for the 10th challenge of our Get Fit For 2011 giveaway.

Just look at them . . . they are so cute . . . so sweet . . . so tasty . . . so . . . EVIL??? Yes, they are evil! But how could I? How could I say the bite-sized treats adored by adults and children across the globe . . . are bad?? Well, I will tell you why gummy bears are bad, at least for me. You see, I have a bit of a problem. OK, it's a full blown addiction. I am obsessed with these cute little gummy critters. By obsessed I mean I must have them . . . MUST have them . . . each and every day. I have been eating them every day since . . . hmmm, I don't even know. There have been years and years and years of gummy bear consumption. But my sweet friends, I must bid you adieu. I always knew you were bad for me but like a girl hooked on the "bad boy" type, I just kept coming back. I knew your sugary goodness was being stored by my body and was slowly being turned into the newfound fat on my thighs and stomach. None of your bad qualities really sunk in until last week. I visited the dentist for my bi-annual cleaning. The dentist didn't have good news. She asked me what was going on . . . was I chewing sugary gum? Drinking Coke after Coke? "Gummy Bears," I mumbled as I stared at the floor. "What?!?!?" Yes doctor, I am 31 years old but I have an uncurable craving for those sweet and sinful animals. "I am sorry to say, your friends are rotting your teeth, you have SEVEN cavities," she said. 

 So you see, I have no choice but to put my gummy bear eating days in the past. I came home and threw away ate the rest of my stash, and I haven't gone gummy shopping since. I must admit, I am a bit nervous without those "beary" delicious treats around . . . so please wish me luck. For this week . . . and from now on . . . I am giving up my vice, my gummy bear addiction!


You too can enter to win our weekly prize of a $100 New Balance gift card and our fabulous grand prize — a four-day fitness boot camp in LA. All you have to do is pick a vice (or an unhealthy habit) to give up for a week and then blog about it our Get Fit For 2011 community group. The more you participate, the better your chances of winning!

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