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Adding Almond Butter to Oatmeal

Stay Fuller Longer By Adding Almond Butter to Your Oatmeal

When you're preparing for a day that will bring a strenuous workout or a busy morning with no time for a mid-morning snack, it's especially important to eat a filling breakfast. Oatmeal is great for these occasions, and stirring almond butter into your bowl is a delicious way to add a lot more filling protein, fiber, and flavor.

Almond butter is a healthy and tasty alternative to the old favorite peanut butter. Both nut-based condiments are calorie-dense, and they're so yummy that it's easy to get carried away. Measure one serving (2 tablespoons) of almond butter before stirring it into your warm oatmeal, and start your day knowing that your stomach grumbles won't get in the way.

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