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Adora: A Better Calcium Supplement

When I suggested that chocolate-flavored calcium supplements make a good substitute for dessert, many of you weren't so into the high-fructose corn syrup that comes with most calcium chews. But I'm still concerned about my daily calcium intake, and I still like a sweet bite after meals, so I was excited to discover Adora Calcium Supplements ($6 for a 30-piece bag).

These dark-chocolate supplements are free of corn syrup, as well as gluten, artificial sweeteners, and other weird stuff. In fact, the only thing on the ingredient list that wasn't all natural or a vitamin was soy lecithin.

The individually wrapped candies are sizable and tasty enough to satisfy chocoholics. Though they're not exactly Scharffen Berger, they do taste unvitaminy — actually a lot like Hershey's Special Dark. You can buy a bag here for $6. Have you ever tried Adora? Do you think you will?

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