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Raise your hand if you received a Presidential Physical Fitness Award in high school. No? Well, don't worry about it. Now an adult fitness test is being introduced by the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, so it's kind of like a second chance. No, you won't get a certificate signed by the President, but you'll be able to see where you rank among people of the same age, which is so much better, right?

The test involves three basic components: aerobic fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility. It was created to inspire people over 18 to keep moving. Hey, I'll support anything that gets people to exercise.

The test includes four parts: a one mile walk or 1.5 mile run, all you can do push-ups, one minute of half sit-ups, and an exercise called the sit-and-stretch, to measure flexibility. All four scores can be entered online, as well as the person's gender, age, height, and weight. The test isn't meant to be a competition, but rather it can allow people to have a baseline to work with. Then they can continue to exercise regularly and measure their level of fitness based on their previous scores. What do you think about this test? Is it something you would do?

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