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Advice Needed on Dieting Co-Worker

Weigh In: My Dieting Co-Worker Is Taking It Out on Me

This FitSugar reader sure could use some advice on her dieting co-worker's behavior.

Dear Fit,
I'm a generally health-minded person. I eat well, exercise regularly, and reap the benefits. I'm happy with my weight, have tons of energy, and hardly ever get sick. I'm friends with one of my co-workers and am happy to say that my healthy lifestyle has rubbed off on her. She works out with me on our lunch break, eats salads for lunch (instead of her usual fast food), and she's even ditched her afternoon soda and cookie habit. I'm really proud of her, but now I'm miserable because she's been really cranky. She jumped into this lifestyle head first, and I think her body isn't used to the lack of sugar and fat. I can tell she's just not happy because of all the junk food she's missing, but I can't stand her quick comments and bitchy attitude. I don't want this healthy diet and exercise routine to ruin our friendship. Any suggestions?
—At the End of My Rope Rose

If you have any experience with this or any suggestions, please share them in the comment section below.

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