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Advice Needed: Fitness-Related Jobs?

Weigh In: Fitness-Related Jobs?

FitSugar reader TiVo posted this question in our Fit Questions group. Can you help her out?

So I quit my job earlier this month, and now I'm going stir-crazy! Can anyone help me think of health/fitness jobs out there?

Leave your advice in the comments section below. And if you have a burning question, share it our Q and A group.

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Deb949 Deb949 6 years
I had my hours cut down at work about a month ago and jumped at the chance to become a Beachbody Coach. I had been doing the P90X workout and loved the online support I received from my coach. She suggested that I become a coach under her and I love it! It is all done from your computer and you can help others who love to work out and get healthy just like you! You can contact me at or on FB at BeachBody Coach Deb.
golfbecca golfbecca 6 years
Bring fitness to those who need it! You could lead stretching and (extremely)light cardio for folks in nursing homes. Or, find the "adult daycare" type places for handicapped adults and volunteer to arrange fun fitness activities (that they can handle) like hiking, kickball, bike rides, ice skating, etc. My aunt is handicapped and lives in a home with other handicapped adults, and the workers there try to do active group things, but hardly ever have the energy because of all the other stuff they have to do to take care of them. But she and her housemates LOVE sports, and would just go crazy for someone to give them sporty things to do. This would be perfect to do while you're getting certified, or in conjunction with a fitness store retail job (since we can't all volunteer for a living). There are also associations for homeschooled kids to get together and do stuff a few times a week, and you could possibly contract yourself as a PE instructor for them. Also look into working for country clubs if you like golf or tennis, they might need pro shop help. I have a job in sports and love it, so good luck!
fitisthenewblack fitisthenewblack 6 years
After I was laid off I discovered Beachbody Coaching and it was the best decision of my life. I was able to help motivate and inspire customers, as well as getting paid and getting in the best shape of my life.
Spectra Spectra 6 years
I was a fitness store sales associate and I loved it. You can also look into getting certified to be a personal trainer or aerobics/spinning/etc. instructor.
Dingasaurus Dingasaurus 6 years
Personal trainer, yoga teacher, aerobics instructor, fitness store sales associate (the employees at my local running store always look happy to be there), phys ed teacher, dietician, nurse, physician, physician's assistant, etc. Of course, a lot of those require going back to school.
eatspinrunrepeat eatspinrunrepeat 6 years
You could look into certifications offered by a national fitness-certifying organization in your state/country. I am a fitness instructor and will soon also be doing a certification to become a Nutrition & Wellness Specialist. If you'd like more deets, check out my post today!
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