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Beginner Fitness Tips
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Affirmations For Exercise Motivation

Do You Say Affirmations to Stay Fit?

What if you could drop all of your excuses and go to the gym five times a week; eat healthy, balanced meals; and reach a healthy weight for your frame. With the school season approaching, doesn't a fresh start sound absolutely fabulous? Affirmations can help you stay motivated, because they convince your mind of new beliefs. After you open your mind to a new, positive attitude, working out and living a healthy lifestyle will seem like a no-brainer rather than an annoyance. If you need help creating affirmations you can turn to affirmation experts like Dr. Wayne W. Dyer or Jack Canfield.

First, you must create an active sentence like, "I am feeling so toned and energized going to the gym five days a week." Repeat this sentence throughout the day and visualize all the details of your healthy, fit lifestyle. Visualize what you are wearing when you are exercising, what workout you are doing, how good your body feels to sweat and tone up, and how great the rush of endorphins feel post-workout. With practice, you will find your body craving a workout. Tell us your experience with affirmations in the comments below.

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skywatcher skywatcher 5 years
affirmations.. Well if millitary cadence count then yes i do. And if I have the feeling that my body want to stop I tell my self that the rest of the track i do on character. Background in martial arts helps to, train hard fight easy.
Susi-May Susi-May 5 years
I don't really use affirmations, but I do use a "mantra" when running. My latest is "this is fun" while I am running, and trying to run faster than is comfy — which can be a little uncomfortable.
ticamorena ticamorena 5 years
Yeah. min is something simple (and not particularly significant) along the lines of: an active body is a healthy body a healthy body is a happy body so staying active = more happiness!! haha, it has to be something that will motivate me not only to get through grueling workouts, but to also take time out of my day to do some activity - taking a stroll, doing DIY/gardening etc Sometimes, even once you are a gym regular, your point of view can be overly focused on exercise as opposed to making overall health a priority.
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