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AirDesk Laptop Stand For Treadmill

AirDesk: So You Can Work and Work Out

Working at a desk job? You're certainly not alone. Unfortunately, all that sitting and not moving much is contributing to the rise in national obesity. To combat the problem, many companies are designing desks that are attached to treadmills, like the TreadDesk, but they're so pricey that most people wouldn't dare splurge on one.

I found a cheaper solution though: the AirDesk ($189). It's a stand that holds your laptop, and it rests on the floor so you can use it with either a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, or StairMaster. It's a brilliant idea for anyone who works from home but isn't happy about having to sit in front of her computer all day. It allows you to stretch your muscles and burn calories, and it may even help you think more clearly. Could you ever see yourself using this?

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